Throwback Thursday: The Evolution of Robin Thicke


Happy Throwback, Thursday!

I am sure that each of your Instagram feeds will be littered with pictures from your friends 3rd birthdays or their first Easters but for this joyous Thursday I wanted to blog about an artist who is very near and dear to my heart and that is Robin Thicke.

I first heard the heavenly melody of Robin Thicke’s song “Lost Without U” probably 7 years ago on the radio and I was instantly obsessed with that song. I thought that is was the perfect beat, tempo, and melody, and it evoked sexuality and lust. It was like love at first lyric. At this time, because I had only heard the sound of his voice I assumed that Robin was black. Not sure why exactly….perhaps because of the sensuality but for whatever reason I thought he was black and so did my mother.

My family and I enjoyed the song so much that we decided to buy the whole album from a record store (when those still existed) and after looking around for a bit we found the CD and were blown away to find that he was a super hot white man. Not that color plays a role in the music that I listen to but we were shocked and happy to find out that a white boy had so much soul. We bought the CD and Robin Thicke has held a sensual place in my heart ever sense.

He has recently been in the media after word that he and his beautiful wife and lover for over 20 years will be getting divorced. It broke my heart to hear this news and I genuinely hope that they figure out their differences.

In conclusion I would like to dedicate this beautiful Throwback Thursday to Robin Thicke. You may be Lost Without your love but I am so glad I found you!

Do you guys like Robin Thicke? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you all have a lovely day!


Embrace Your Beauty

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Hey guys! Today I was going to write a blog post about some of the beauty products that I use on the daily basis but I decided to switch it up and write about something that has taken me a long time to come to terms and that is not only accepting who I am but embracing my beauty. I have spent so much time trying to change both my inner and outer appearance so that I could impress someone who’ve I liked, or tried to fit in with a group of people who I thought were cool, and looking back on all those things now all I really can say is, “Man that was dumb!”

Yes, people are ever changing and yes, I think it is fun to embrace new trends and tryout new things but often I did and sometimes continue to do things so that I can fit a certain standard and now after doing a lot of soul searching in 2014 I think I’m just going to do me.

I love my dark skin, I love my baby dreadlocks, and I love my spaghetti arms and awkward frame and those are not things that I wouldn’t have always admitted. I believe that life is a journey and people are continually growing and learning new things about themselves everyday. I have learned from a lot of the women in the blogging community to just be who you are and embrace what you’ve got and I am so thankful for that!

With all this being said I encourage everyone to embrace who they are (if you don’t already) and share your beauty with the world.

I hope everyone has a happy Thursday!