5 Things I am Grateful for This Week


I have absolutely so much to be grateful for this week and this past month that I would like to share with you all.

1. I am so grateful (as I have already mentioned many, many times) to have such a hilarious and supportive family. I am not sure how I got so lucky. It is seriously a miracle and I feel so blessed to have all of them in my life.

2. I am grateful for my health. There were a few weeks were I wasn’t feeling too well but after visiting the doctor and finding out that I am a totally fine and have nothing to worry about I feel silly for worrying in the first place and just very grateful that I am healthy.

3. I am grateful for my dreadlock growth. They have sprouted sooooo much in the last few weeks and I am so happy with there growth and I can’t wait till they are a little longer!

4. I am grateful to still have followers after my brief absence from my blog! Thank you all for your find words and commenting on my posts. I really appreciate it and love hearing all the wonderful things that you have to say.

5. I am grateful for the amazing weather in California. I am so happy that I live in such a beautiful place that such unbelievable weather. There is absolutely no excuse to not go outside.

I hope you all have a lovely week and take some time to reflect on things that you are grateful for in your lives!

– Krystal

P.S. I am wearing a tube top in this picture lol

5 Things I am Grateful for this Week!


Hi everyone!

This week hasn’t exactly been the best week so far this year but nonetheless I have many things to be grateful for and I would like to share them with you.

To have such a hilarious Gramma! 
I kid you not when I say that my Gramma is one of the most hilarious people in the world. She keeps me laughing and always has a really positive outlook on life. She knows just about everyone in Los Angeles and I am always amazed when we go to a restaurant and she seems to know everyone there but I guess when you are that amazing people gravitate towards you.

To have such a loving and beautiful mother.
This week was my moms “27th” (actually 42nd) birthday and we all went out to dinner and had a great time! She is such a happy, beautiful soul and even through tough times she always keeps her head up and I admire her strength so much.

To have spent time with my friends.
This week I got the chance to hang out with some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and it is always so fun to catch up with people you don’t always get the chance to see and share your weird, adult stories with them. I live for those sorts of moments and I am so grateful to have such kind friends who I can just laugh and shoot the breeze with.

Hot water 
Earlier this week I turned on the shower, waited for it to heat up, and hopped in only to alarmed by the freezing cold temperature of the water. Something was wrong with the heater and if I wanted to take a shower I would have to take one with cold water. Luckily it was fixed the next day but I realized that I take the presence of hot water for granted. There are so many people who do not have access to hot water or even clean drinking and bathing water and that experience has made me more aware of how fortune I am to have hot water, something that I previously have taken for granted.

All my followers! 
I wanted to give a much overdo shout out to everyone who follows and reads my blog. You guys are the reason that I created this site and I really appreciate all your kind words and comments. I love interacting with everyone online and my little space on the interweb where I can share my thoughts and opinions with you all has made me a much happier person. I can’t thank you guys enough!

I hope you guys have a happy Sunday and a great week!


5 Things I Am Grateful For This Week!

New flower

I have been doing a lot of soul searching recently and I believe that it has actually paid off. Not to say that it hasn’t paid off in the past, but for some reason (and this could be in part because of my blog) I just feel very different about life than I previously have and I am more excited for the future than ever! In light of this new found confidence and self realization I decided I wanted to share a little ritual that I do to help me look on the brighter side of things, and always stay positive. I do this by writing down a list of things that I am grateful for. This list is appropriately called, a gratitude journal.

I have been keeping a gratitude journal for sometime now (yes, I have a lot of journals) and on the days that I remember to write in it (which recently has been more often than not) I write down five things that I am grateful for before I go to bed. These things range from me saying that I am grateful to have had the opportunity to eat that delicious taco my sister bought me, to me saying that I am grateful to have two properly functioning legs. Pretty much I am grateful for anything from simple, everyday pleasures to just being able to walk, and everything around and in-between.

I think doing this has really changed my outlook on a lot of things because I have kind of tricked myself into focusing on all the things that I am fortunate enough to have opposed to focusing on all the things that I wish I had, but don’t. So below I have compiled a list of 5 things I am grateful for from all the ones I have written down this week, that I would like to share with you!

To have seen my best friend from high school and her family. Being that many of my friends from high school are in school, I don’t get the chance to see them every often, but my best friend Katie was on Spring Break and came back to LA and I could not have been more happy to see her and her family.

To have had the chance to go to TWO Los Angeles Kings games in one week. Katie and her family invited me to go to two kings games with them and of course I said yes. Although I don’t understand hockey and half the time I couldn’t see the puck we had a lovely dinner at the Staple Center and the energy of the crowd was absolutely electrifying. GO KINGS!

To have eaten my first Pupusa!  I had never heard of or seen a Pupusa before but my sister bought me one the other day and owe my word it was delicious. It is a  traditional Salvadoran dish made of a thick, handmade corn tortilla and it is absolutely delicious.

To have spent Saturday afternoon with my mother and sisters. Everyone in my family is always running around all over town so it is rare that we get to spend quality time together. But yesterday my mother, my sisters, and I all happened to be home at the same time and we ordered a pizza and just hung out really. It was lovely!

That I do not play organized sports anymore. OMG! I am so grateful for this. When I was younger I use to have three soccer games in one day and sometimes drive hours and hours, hopping from field to field to play in these games. I witnessed my sister do this yesterday morning and I can adamantly say that I am so grateful that, that part of my life is over. However, if you do play organized sports, more power to you! I just don’t think I have the stamina or upper body strength for that anymore.

That’s my list. Now I want to hear what you guys are grateful for and let me know if you liked this post because I was thinking about make it a series that I do every Sunday!

Hope you have a lovely day,


Tips on Happiness

Hey everyone!

I wanted to write a blog post about happiness and some tips that I have learned from watching documentaries and reading books. These are just some of the tips that I believe are helpful and I personally have used to become a happier person. They may not work for everyone but you don’t know until you try so here they are:

  • Hang out with positive happy people – Happy people’s energy and mood will rub off on you eventually. Make an effort to hang out with generally kind and happy people and before you know it you will notice that you will start being a little more positive and happy! (Look to the drama kids if you are in school and don’t know the happy kids are)
  • Fall down Seven times, stand up Eight – Be resilient! Life is gonna knock you down sometimes but don’t let what happened to you define you. Rise above the situation! It shows your strength and although it may be hard at first you will thank yourself at the end of the day for not giving up.
  • Celebrate small victories – An achievement is an achievement no matter how small. If you struggle with waking up early or getting to school on time and one day you get up early and make it to school before the bell rings well that is an accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself for doing so.
  • Appreciate the little things – Very often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and we forget to smell the flowers, look at the clouds, and just be. Take time out of our day to appreciate all the beautiful little things around you. You might notice that there are more than you thought 😉
  • Be optimistic – Through self talk humans convince themselves that they can’t do something but if we simply say that we CAN instead of we can’t, more likely than not we will be able to. Try to look on the brighter side of things. You will become a happier person and perhaps your luck will start to change.
  • Volunteer – Giving back is one of the best ways to become a happier person. Knowing that you have made a positive impact on someone else’s life, perhaps someone that you don’t even know, creates an almost indescribable feeling.
  • Do what you love – A lot of times we get caught up in pursuing a career that we are not necessarily passionate about because we are influenced by our friends or family or the possibility of making a substantial amount of money. Instead of getting caught up in all the hype and focusing on what everyone else wants you to do, do what you want to do. Pursue the career path that you want to pursue. If you are truly passionate and want it bad enough you will make it happen!
  • Be open minded – We are all different. We are all born different, come from different places, eat different food, and love different people. Being different doesn’t mean bad. Having strict ideals for how someone should live their lives is only gonna isolate you from a portion of the population. Instead of doing that, why not listen to others opinions, put yourself in their shoes then decide.
  • Live in the moment/Don’t Worry – Stop worrying about what happened five years ago, a month ago, or a minute ago. We can’t go back and time and correct it so why don’t you realize what you did, learn from your mistake if you did make one, move on, and appreciate what is going on in the present. Although YOLO has become an extremely obnoxious saying due to its over usage, it absolutely true! We really do only live once. You only get one shot and wouldn’t you rather spend it focusing on the good and enjoying the moment instead of worrying about the past and the things that you can’t change?
  • Music – Listen to music. That’s it.
  • Sleep – We all need Zzz’s.
  • Cultivate close relationships with friends and family – According to the documentary Happy which is available on Netflix, the happiest people in the world have close friends and family. So make an effort to be close to your friends and family. Simple.
  • Gratitude – Be appreciative and thankful for what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t. Once you learn to be grateful for the things around you, more good things will come. I guarantee it. I would encourage you to write down a few things everyday that you are grateful for. You will begin to notice your mindset about your life change.

I hope that you found these tips helpful! It’s a cold world sometimes but if you realize that you hold the key to your destiny with the thoughts in your head then

What tips do you guys have on happiness? Is there anything that I didn’t mention that you believe would help contribute to becoming a happier person?

Happy Tuesday!

– Krystal