My Guest Post on For a Real Woman

Hey, guys! I was asked by Jasmine of the blog, For a Real Woman to do a guest post for today and I couldn’t have been more honored to do so! On the blog For Real Women Jasmine discusses both beauty and creates affordable and wearable outfits for her readers to view. Her posts are… Continue reading My Guest Post on For a Real Woman

California Dreamin’ Postcard Wall Decor

The last time that I traveled I went through LAX airport and I came across these amazing post cards while I was waiting for my flight to board. Each has a different graphic depicting some of the vibrant imagery of Los Angeles and after I had given a few of them to my friends I… Continue reading California Dreamin’ Postcard Wall Decor

Motivational Journal

Hey guys! I hope you all are having a lovely day! With work, school, and everyday duties on everyone’s mind sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated toward achieving your goals. I continue to have difficulty staying motivated which is why I decided to create a simple way to stay focused on my goals and… Continue reading Motivational Journal

Tips on Happiness

Hey everyone! I wanted to write a blog post about happiness and some tips that I have learned from watching documentaries and reading books. These are just some of the tips that I believe are helpful and I personally have used to become a happier person. They may not work for everyone but you don’t… Continue reading Tips on Happiness