Just a Little Update

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are having a good day!

I am returning to my blog after almost a year of not posting on it. A lot has happened in a year but rather than go thru all the major events that have occurred in my life I would rather just start with what is going on now and kind of leave the past in the past. Not that the past was bad. I had some amazing times in 2013 but 2014 is definitely going to be better and I plan on writing on my blog as often as I can so that I can share my thoughts with whomever stumbles upon them and I also believe that it is productive to write your thoughts and feeling out opposed to letting them fly around in your head all day until they drive you insane.

Firstly, I am no longer attending school. I was very sad at first because I would have to leave my friends and sorority sisters behind at school when I only had a semester and some summer classes to take and I would be done. Although I was very sad and miss my friends dearly, I also felt a little relieved. I am a high stress, high anxiety person although by looking at me and talking to me you would never know because I am so “chill” but I do stress out and I also feel as though I always need to be doing something or I am being lazy and not making a big enough contribution to the world.

While at school I had gotten involved in so many things and was always on the move going to a club meeting, my sorority meetings or working at my job along with school and I was dead. Just completely zombied out (that is not a commonly used term I just made it up lol). On top of all that I was going out a lot and drinking often because I love going out with my friends and mingling but it was taking a toll on my body. The next day I would have hangovers like no other and not want to do anything. I of course had a choice to not participate in drinking and going out that much but I was always thinking about my feelings at that very moment opposed to how I would feel the next day.

Even with some bad hangovers I still had a great time and I am so grateful for the experiences that I had while in school. I truly feel more mature and level headed because of attending a university and I don’t know if that would have been the case if I had not gone to school.

Now that I am no longer at school I am back at home with my family which is both amazing and not so amazing (like most things). I don’t enjoy rules because I have always been a stubborn person but while at school I wasn’t as close with my sisters as I could have been and now that I am back home we have become so close in a matter of weeks and I am so happy! Also, since I am back at home I am more capable of pursuing my dream of being a television personality/host/anything really. Living in Los Angeles means that I am closer to the entertainment industry and really have an opportunity to pursue my dream. However a lot of people have the same dream as me and everyone is very competitive but I have a feeling that it will all work out. In the mean time I have decided to start my own YouTube channel which is something that I have wanted to do for a while but never actively pursued. Well, now I can’t wait to start posting video and talking to any of my viewers online. I think it will be really awesome experience!

I will be blogging a lot more and this time I promise because I do have a lot of thoughts and opinions but often I keep them in my head because I am so quiet but letting them out is very uplifting and my hope is that I can help someone who is battling a similar issue as myself, or I inspire someone to pursue their goals, or I am just a little blog you read sometimes when you are bored. I am down with whatever.

That is all for now. I hope you all have a lovely week!

With Love,




Not Where, but Who

I have been absent from my blog and I apologize to the few readers that I have but life happened and homework and bullshit and I kind of put my blog on the back bummer and when really it’s my escape from homework and bullshit and I should be make it a bigger priority because what other space to I have to express how  truly feel?

Recently, It was Spring Break and I made the decision to instead of going on a trip to Florida with my friends to stay behind at school and work. I have always gone on trips and had a great time but I end up spending an outrageously large amount of money on 5 days and am then left with hardly any money for the end of the year and constant anxiousness about whether I will be able to pay for this in that. Instead of feeling ALL of that I decided to stay back and let my friends enjoy their vacations while I worked.

I quickly realized that although I was not on Spring Break the rest of my school was and appeared to be constantly posting about it on all social media outlets. I would be lying if I said that I did not in those days experience immense jealousy while I viewed photos of my friends on the beach in a bikini, and a beer in hand without a care in the world. I yearned so badly to be doing the same. I however know that being in Florida raging on the beach was not what I wanted to do.

I am now realizing that it doesn’t matter what setting you are in, what matters is the people you surround yourself with and how they make you feel. No amount of extravagance will ever satisfy if you are not content within yourself.

I’m rambling.

Will be blogging more.

Good things are soon to come.



Live and Let Live

Recently, I have been reevaluating aspects of my life and I have decided to take a step back from some of the delegating I have been doing and just let people live. I have always believed that if you let others live and do their thing, while merely just encouraging them to be safe and letting the cards simply fall into place everything will work out. I may have lost sight of that recently and after analyzing certain details of my life I know to focus more on my own self-improvement and allow others do the same. I don’t like following rules but I will when I believe that it the noble, honest thing to do. But, I am realizing that I can not force others to follow rules. They have to be able to learn for themselves what they truly value. No amount of all caps emails is going to change that. It so something that everyone has to learn for themselves and it is wrong of me to try to speed up or slow down a process that is a natural progression over the course of ones life.

No one may really understand what I am talking about but I feel as though it is something that needs to be said. Comment if you agree, disagree, or just feel like commenting.

That’s all for!

– Krystal

Roommates Reaction to My New Do…

Here is a candid photo of my roommates immediate reaction to my shaved head. I didn’t tell anyone that was going to shave my head so you can imagine there dismay after I unveiled to them my lack of hair. I think shunned or flabbergasted are probably the words I would use to describe their faces. Or just sheer terror and utter disdain.


Mint Green Crocheted Bow!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take up crocheting again. I had learned in elementary school and would do it everyday but stopped because I got too busy. My roommate and I wanted to take up a new hobby so I introduced her and reintroduced myself to the yarn game and it has been second love ever since! I made a mint green bow by crocheting 3 separate pieces and combining them into one decorative hair piece!