5 Things I am Grateful for this Week!

Hi everyone! This week hasn’t exactly been the best week so far this year but nonetheless I have many things to be grateful for and I would like to share them with you. To have such a hilarious Gramma!  I kid you not when I say that my Gramma is one of the most hilarious… Continue reading 5 Things I am Grateful for this Week!

My Guest Post on For a Real Woman

Hey, guys! I was asked by Jasmine of the blog, For a Real Woman to do a guest post for today and I couldn’t have been more honored to do so! On the blog For Real Women Jasmine discusses both beauty and creates affordable and wearable outfits for her readers to view. Her posts are… Continue reading My Guest Post on For a Real Woman

March Favorites

Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! Since March is coming to an end and tomorrow will be the first day of April (crazy how fast time flies) I decided that today would be the best day for me to share my March favorites with you. I will continue doing a list… Continue reading March Favorites

Totally Rad Pandora Station’s

Music is a fundamental part of my life. I am constantly listening to music whether it’s the newest radio chart toppers or some rockin’ oldies. If I am not listening to songs on my iTunes account I am checking out new stations on Pandora. Pandora allows its listeners to create their own radio stations based… Continue reading Totally Rad Pandora Station’s

Showcase a Great: Danielle Roz

This weekend one of my best friends from high school came home for spring break and invited me and a few of our friends to go see her sister Danielle’s, stand up comedy performance in Hollywood at a show called, Whore’s on Sunday. I had no idea what to expect seeing that I had previously… Continue reading Showcase a Great: Danielle Roz

5 Things I Am Grateful For This Week!

I have been doing a lot of soul searching recently and I believe that it has actually paid off. Not to say that it hasn’t paid off in the past, but for some reason (and this could be in part because of my blog) I just feel very different about life than I previously have and… Continue reading 5 Things I Am Grateful For This Week!