California Dreamin’ Postcard Wall Decor

The last time that I traveled I went through LAX airport and I came across these amazing post cards while I was waiting for my flight to board. Each has a different graphic depicting some of the vibrant imagery of Los Angeles and after I had given a few of them to my friends I… Continue reading California Dreamin’ Postcard Wall Decor

Showcase a Great: Danielle Roz

This weekend one of my best friends from high school came home for spring break and invited me and a few of our friends to go see her sister Danielle‚Äôs, stand up comedy performance in Hollywood at a show called, Whore’s on Sunday. I had no idea what to expect seeing that I had previously… Continue reading Showcase a Great: Danielle Roz

The Newest Object of my Obsession: Emily Sasson

Emily Sasson is a dance choreographer from Denver, Colorado and currently the newest object of my obsession. She teaches a range of different forms of dance but her most popular seems to be Hip Hop. I stumbled across her Youtube page yesterday and watching her videos is pretty much the only thing I have been doing for the last 24 hours. Her is one of my favorite videos of her at The Cherry Creek Dance Studio in Denver. She is mind blowinggg! Enjoy! She is on the right.