Disclaimer Statement: By no means is this an actually professionally done portfolio, but rather just a page where I will post pictures and write short entries about some of the drawings, paintings,  and crafts I have made! I hope you like it!


This is a Bow I crocheted from mint green yarn!


I am obsessed with Breaking Bad and to illustrate a depiction of my obsession I drew a picture of Walter White a.k.a. Bryan Cranston from Parade Magazine!


I am a sorority girl so crafting is a big deal to me! For the new bundle of joy that was welcomed into my Greek Fam, my Grandlittle Hallie, and my new niecey Dylan I made a pin box, picture frames, a canvas,and even a “Ball So Hard Fam” shirt.


Probably one of the hardest things that I have ever managed to put together is my room at school. I am proud to say that I constructed everything in my room including painting all my walls and putting together my bed with my roommates Ivette and I think it turned out great! I won’t be giving too much detail about it now because I am going to be doing a separate post about my room in the future!

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