The Best Kept Beauty Secret: Biotin Pills


There are thousands of products that claim to be the best kept beauty secret. Most of them are for external use only. A scrub that you apply twice a day to remove the dead skin, moisturizer with added sunscreen, and natural oils to give your skin a radiant glow. Few however, are oral supplements that you can take on the daily basis that help improve the texture of your skin, quality of your nails, and strength of your hair like biotin.

Biotin is a vitamin found in small amounts of food. It is used to help prevent biotin deficiency associated with pregnancy, malnutrition, and rapid weight loss. It is also used to treat hair loss and brittle nails along with an array of other things. If you do not suffer from any of these medical problems biotin can still be useful to you.

I have been taking the pills for the past two months everyday and I have seen a drastic improvement in the quality of my nails, skin, and hair. My skin has always been relevantly good but now the texture is much smoother and free of bumps. My nails also appear to be much stronger. They have show vast improvement length wise and have not broken off when in the past they would have at this length. My hair has probably shown the most productivity. It has always been dry and with my starter locs it had become even dryer but I noticed an almost unbelievable increase in the length and texture. It is much smoother yet stronger and has grown an inch or so in just a month.

I encourage anyone who is interested in improving the strength, appearance, and health of there hair, nails, and skin to try Biotin pills. It is a natural supplement and can be found at any drug store. Please speak to your doctor for advice in regards to the appropriate dosage you should take and just sit back and wait for your great results to arrive. I do not think you will be disappointed.

What are some of other great, natural vitamins and supplements that you guys are taking?

I hope you all have a lovely day,


7 thoughts on “The Best Kept Beauty Secret: Biotin Pills

  1. I started taking biotin about a month or so ago and I love it!! I also realized I had more energy during my 12 hour days at work, I didn’t the buttload of caffiene that I did before and the only change I had made was biotin, I looked into it and apparently it is good for energy too :).

    1. Wow! 12 hours of work! You go girl that is incredible! And that is so awesome that it also helped improve your energy at work. I believe I have felt a slight difference in my energy as well and I still consume the same amount of coffee everyday haha. Thank you for visiting my blog! 🙂

  2. I went to Walmart a few weeks to a month ago and purchased some Biotin because I was experiencing a little bit of hair thinning. I purchased the 10,000 mcg bottle and already, I have seen improvements in the growth and thickness of my hair and the appearance of my skin and nails. I must admit that I also purchased a biotin shampoo from Sally’s. My wife says I’m a metro. Haha! Maybe so, but I’m not one of them brothas that be lookin all janky and got them crusty finger nails and whatnot. LoL! I also want to thank you for liking my blog post today! I greatly appreciate it! By the way… I just started following your blog a few minutes ago. I really enjoy your postings. It’s always good to connect and meet new people! Blessings Krystal!


    1. Haha your wife is hilarious and you are exactly right! At least you won’t have janky nails haha! I had no idea that there was such a thing as biotin shampoo! I need to get it! No problem I enjoyed your post and thought it was wonderful. Thank you for stopping by my blog! 🙂

      – Krystal

      1. No janky nails here! Haha! Yeah, I went to Sally’s to find a biotin shampoo a few weeks ago and I have already experienced great results! Of course, I have been taking my biotin vitamins as well. The other biotin shampoos I found at Sally’s had a sort of peppermint scent to it, and to be honest… I think the smell of peppermint only belongs with the taste of peppermint… In a stick of gum! Not in my hair! Haha! But anyway… The shampoo I bought smells really good, is 100% vegan and is paraben free. Here’s the link…,default,pd.html

        By the way… There’s also conditioner you can purchase to go along with it. Hope you dig it! Blessings Krystal!


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