Rock with the Block: iHome iBN24


A while ago I purchased an iHome mini boombox from Best Buy and we have been inseparable ever since. Actually not ever since because the speaker for the first one that I purchased actually blew out right when I got home to test it and I ended up having to go back to the store to get a new one. I guess I was just jammin’ too hard…but after Best Buy kindly exchanged by broken one for a perfectly functioning new one, ever since THEN we have been separable.

It is called the iHome iBN24 mini Bluetooth speaker and not only it it portable but it is wireless so you can connect it to the Bluetooth on your phone and rock out with your block out without ever having to use a wire.

I have used this little guy on road trips and just in my room when I am getting ready and he is great (yes it’s a he) because I can still use my phone and walk around the house while the music is playing with no problem. He also gets very good range and is pretty loud for just a little box. I think wireless boombox devices such as this are perfect for a day at the beach so you don’t have to lunge around a giant battery powered speaker. You can just charge one of these right on up and carry it in the palm of your hand!

Happy Friday!


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