March Favorites

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Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!

Since March is coming to an end and tomorrow will be the first day of April (crazy how fast time flies) I decided that today would be the best day for me to share my March favorites with you. I will continue doing a list of my favorite beauty products, songs, clothing, books and so on every month, so make sure you come back at the end of each month to check out that post!

The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist 
I purchased the Vanilla Body Mist a little while ago from the Body Shop because I am a fan of simple scents and I usually where a body mist along with a perfume everyday. For anyone who was an all over scent that is not too strong but still alluring this is the scent for you. It lasts all day and is not too heavy. It’s also perfect for a day at the beach!

Diorshow Black Out Mascara 
This mascara should actually be featured on my life favorites more than my monthly favorites because I have been using it constantly for years. I got this tube of Diorshow Black Out Mascara using a gift card I got for Christmas. One tube is $26 dollars which is an absurd amount of money for a mascara but Diorshow is actually worth it. It is pitch black and the wand drastically elongated the appearance of your eyelashes along with adding volume with every stroke. I am hooked on this mascara and am yet to encounter a brand that I like more.

The Secret 
The Secret came out in 2006 and was the biggest thing in the world at the time. Everyone was obsessed but I only recently watched it and now realize why everyone was hooked. The Secret is about the Law of Attraction and how positive thoughts and feelings can transform our lives for the better. It features an array of life coaches, financial analysts, and scientists who paint a simple picture of how our thoughts and feelings create the story of our lives. For anyone who is in the process of transforming their life I think this would be a good feature to watch.

blink by Malcolm Gladwell 
I have read blink about one and a half times and refer back to it often throughout my life. It is a book by Malcolm Gladwell that illustrates how the difference between good decision making and bad decision making has less to do with how much information we have about a topic, and more to do with our ability to focus on a few particular details. Gladwell explains using real life examples from everyday people, how we can all become better decision makers.

Nirvana Live at Reading 
I received this DVD from a friend of my mothers probably a year or two ago but I had never watched it for some reason although I have always been a big fan of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. New photographs and information from Kurt Cobain’s death have been released to the public this month and after reading a few articles and seeing the graphic images I was reminded that I had this DVD and wanted to watch it as a way to keep my pristine and grudgy image of Kurt Cobain alive. The performance took place at the Reading Festival in England in 1992 and the band played their greatest songs including Breed, School, About a Girl, and Lithium. The DVD is available online and if anyone is a fan of Nirvana I recommend you buy it. You will not be disappointed.

What have you guys been listening to, using, and watching this month? Do you have any favorites?

I hope you enjoyed my post!

Happy Monday!


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