Totally Rad Pandora Station’s

Music is a fundamental part of my life. I am constantly listening to music whether it’s the newest radio chart toppers or some rockin’ oldies. If I am not listening to songs on my iTunes account I am checking out new stations on Pandora. Pandora allows its listeners to create their own radio stations based on an artist or even a specific song. They tailor that station to match the style and sound of the whatever song you choose. It is perfect for anyone who wants to create a playlist based on their new favorite song but can’t decide which songs to add because Pandora does it for you. Below is a list that I have compiled of some of my favorite Pandora Radio Stations that I believe are totally rad! Enjoy!

Lana Del Rey Radio

With her smooth and sensual voice Lana Del Rey has been captivating our ears and the radio waves for sometime now. She has an old school vibe and new age artistic outlook that definitely makes her a musician to watch and the same can be said about her Pandora Radio Station. With artists like Lorde and Rihanna, and songs like Sail by AWOLNATION making appearances this is a Pandora Station perfect for any casual kickback with your friends or just a cool background beat for a seaside car ride. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

Of Monsters & Men Radio 

I was introduced to this Station by a friend of mine and my, my, my am I so glad that I was. Florence + The Machine, Mumford & Sons, The XX, the Lumineers, Imagine Dragons need I say more? The 5 member Indie Folk band from Iceland tambourined themselves into every Indie girls dreams and their song “Who Are You” was even featured on the Catching Fire Soundtrack. This station is a must hear (a term I just created based off of must read) and destined to become one of your new, favorite Pandora  Radio Stations.

M83 Radio 

I first fell in love with M83 after hearing “Midnight City” at Coachella 2012. The crowd went wild. It was an almost unspeakable experience that I shared with everyone there that night. Electric, authentic, energy is the the only description I feel does that performance justice and that is exactly how I would describe their Pandora Radio Station. With bands like Phoenix, Neon Indian, and Passion Pit making numerous appearances all the songs sound like a mixture between the hottest, 80’s video game audios and a cool vibin’ California teen chiefin’ dream, it makes for the perfect pool party playlist.

Summer Hits of the 90’s Radio

Any child of the 90’s, or just someone with immense respect for all things 90’s will love this Station. Bands like the Goo Goo Dolls, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Incubus are all featured and with the appearance of each new song you almost instantaneously travel back to the first time you heard What It’s Like by Everlast in a cluttered garage with your friends or in the back sit of a car with your older sister and her grudging boyfriend. It’s the perfect playlist for a long car ride to work where you just want to rock out and sing every word to your one time favorite songs.

Chingy Radio 

It’s like the Bar Mitzvah playlist of my dreams. This station is littered with our favorite Rap and R&B artists of yesterday year including Nelly, Bash Bash, and Frankie J. Long gone on the radio but forever instilled in our hearts in the form of booty shakin’ base jamz. The songs lack the new age, techno/galactic space voyager emphasis that is so wildly popular today and feature a more hip hop motivated rhythmic style. Definite must hear and sure to get any party started.

That’s my list of some of my favorite, totally rad Pandora Radio Stations. I am of course always open to suggestions for new music and would love to hear what Pandora Stations you guys listen to!

I hope you have a lovely day,


6 thoughts on “Totally Rad Pandora Station’s”

  1. I love, love ❤ Lana Del Rey and Florence and the Machine. I’ve never thought of checking out their Pandora stations. Thanks for the recommendations. I’m checking out all of the stations you listed

    1. No problem! I am glad you’re going to be checking out their stations! Let me know how you like them!

      – Krystal

    1. No problem. You should definitely try out Pandora. I haven’t used iHeart but I’m gonna try it I think. I love MJ and Mary J as well! Thank you for stopping by!

      – Krystal

  2. I think I basically live on the LDR radio, I love her so much. I’m seeing her in concert on May 10th it’s gonna be the best day ever lol.
    Lovely post! 🙂

    1. That’s so cool! I’m so jealous. I have never seen her perform before! I hope you have a good time! Thanks! 🙂

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