The Lovely Lulu

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In honor of National Puppy Day I thought that I would showcase one of my amazing puppies, Lulu!

You may not know her and sometimes its hard to find her but she is the cutest, sweetest, little nugget in the game and lucky enough to be one of my dogs. Meet, Honolulu (Lulu for short)! She comes in weighing a staggering 3 pounds, although she thinks she is the size of a bear, and she has the bark and bite time match.

She is a professional beggar and the moment she see’s anyone with the smallest amount of food in their hand she lowers her ears and bats her beautiful, puppy dog eyes to get their attention. Trying to deny her of my dinner has become an everyday struggle.

She’s got to be one of the cutest dogs in the world and I’m so glad to call her my pup! Here’s to Lulu!

If you guys have dogs I would love to see/hear about them!



8 thoughts on “The Lovely Lulu”

    1. Haha it comforting to know that the begging spreads across a realm of species. Thank you for stopping by!



  1. Oh my goodness LuLu is cuteness overload! Is she a Tzu ? I have the sister dog to Tzu’s, Lhasa Apso’s. I had 6 of them but 3 of them have gone on now. I have my 3 lil babies left, Bailey Onyx and Shadow. They’re all 13 now. I also have 1 english setter an 2 lab mixes. yes I am a major dog lover. 🙂

    1. Thank you and yes she is a Maltese and a Shih Tzu mix. Lulu also has a brother named Bolt who I will probably feature in a different post. That is so cute! I love these dogs they are so loyal and energetic.I am happy to be among a fellow dog lover 🙂

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