Warner Bros and Nickelodeon Studios

Today was a really gorgeous day in Los Angeles. I carpooled to work with my mother to Burbank, California and after I decided that I wanted to take a few pictures of the Warner Bros and Nickelodeon lots.

The Warner Brothers lot has been featured in many films and although it is mostly made up of a series of bleak, beige, buildings that hoist enormous images of Warner Brothers most popular television shows and movies on its sides, the structures are actually quite iconic and easily recognizable. 

I believe that the Nickelodeon lot that I photographed was their was where they do the animation. I was mostly gated off but right in the front of the building was Spongebob’s Pineapple house! It was incredible.

Here are some of the pictures:


I LOVE Palmtree’s. Image

I had no idea that Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler were going to be in another movie together. 50 First Dates is one of my favorite movies so I have to see this one in hopes that it is just as good. Do you guys think you will see Blended? ImageImageImage

How cute is this pineapple? I really can’t get over how awesome it is. There is even a little, evil Plankton on it! ImageImageThe outsides of Nickelodeon and Warner Bros are pretty cool but I’m sure the inside is even better! Is this what you guys expected the studios who make some of our favorite series and shows to look like?

Today was a beautiful day and I am so glad that I stopped and took a few pictures! I hope that you guys enjoy them and have a lovely hump day!

– Krystal

2 thoughts on “Warner Bros and Nickelodeon Studios”

  1. I really enjoyed your tour and the pictures you took. Keep up the good work and your blessings will come. Love you Gma!!

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