House of Cards: Review of Season Two

This week season two of House of Cards aired on Netflix. Thirteen chapters of the originally series starring the cold and manipulative Underwood’s were finally available to the public. I had nothing to do this weekend and decided to binge watch every episode that I had been desperately waiting to view.

For the few people that do read my blog this post will contain spoilers because I just need to get my confusion and frustration out of my head and onto the interweb so if you have not watched it STOP READING.

The season opener picked up exactly where the first season left off. Frank Underwood is still using every trick in the book and many that he has written himself all so that he and his wife can eventually claim the highest offices in the free world. While he climbs further and further up the political latter burning bridges with every single person in his path Doug, his alcoholic head of staff is just a step behind maintaining his schedule and making sure Peter Russo’s call girl companions stays out of the public eye.


Zoe Barnes, played by Kate Mara, decides to continue delving into the lies and deals that Frank Underwood had been a apart of instead of simply publishing all the stories that he had given her to investigate and begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together surrounding the mysterious death of Peter Russo. Zoe meets with Frank at the DC metro and after slyly suggesting that she believed he may have murdered Russo, Frank lures Zoe behind a beam and thrusts her before an oncoming train which shreds her body instantly. FRank just walks away. 


I knew Frank was evil and a murderer but I absolutely did not see this coming. R.I.P. Zoe.

After her death he continues his games of trickery and plotting throughout the remainder of the season. President Garret, who is for lack of a better word, an idiot, is seduced by Frank and falls into every trap which later costs him his presidency. 

Claire is also keeping up her end of their arrangement by lying to the world about having an abortion after being raped by a lieutenant in the army, convincing the first lady to seek marriage counseling that she knows will eventually be uncovered by the press, and lying about not having a martial affair with her long time photographer lover. Crowds of protesters line their street every day with signs reading “baby killer” and “cheater” while Claire maintains a calm, even temperament. Claire has always seemed cold and distant but I found myself wondering  if she even has a heart throughout the season. However, her wardrobe is amazing and one of reasons that I cannot completely hate her. She looks better in business attire than any woman I have ever seen.

The remanding of the season continues as expected with Frank manipulating everyone around him, Doug doing much of the behinds the scenes work, Claire sacrificing her dreams and any hint of friends or a social life for her husband’s rise to the top, and a few reporters trying to uncover all the secrets that Frank has tried desperately to conceal only to be told that they are crazy for even thinking that a congressman would be able to commit atrocities of that nature.

All in all I enjoy the show and believe that is beautifully directed. There are scenes throughout the show that really make me miss D.C. It is a city full of so much beauty and life although it is also an arena for political bloodshed.

One of my favorite aspects of the show is that Frank narrates his actions to us. He is aware that there is audience that is watching. I do not believe that the audience is meant to be the Netflix audience but rather the people of the future who will later study his rise to fame. In the first season at the presidential inauguration he notes that in the future people will look at the corner of the frame and notice the gesture that he made. When he becomes Vice President he notes that he used to be at the corner of the frame and now he is only three feet away.

It is clear through Franks side commentary that he views the world as an animal kingdom in which only the strong survive and the week fall from grace or our hit by a metro train in this case. He shows no mercy and will stop at nothing to achieve is goal. Although I do not agree with his approach I do admire anyone who knows what they want and remains focused.

House of Cards Season 2

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright do an amazing job portraying their characters but I just don’t believe that it is very realistic sometimes. I know the politicians are sleezy and will do nearly anything to get bills passed and rise in the ranks but I really hope there are not politicians or even people who are as evil as they are and even if there were I would hope that we would be smart enough as a nation to not let them be the leaders of our country.

Part of me is sad that I watched the entire season already considering that it will not be coming on until this time next year, but, the other part of me needs a break from the vicious, scheming Francis and Clair Underwood. Hopefully the season 3 is as fulfilling and shocking as the last. One can only hope.

2 thoughts on “House of Cards: Review of Season Two”

    1. It does pick up later but I would agree that it is hard to get into at first. I lived in DC for a while so I have an especially large interest in politics but the show isn’t forever although its a really great show

      – Krystal

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