Just a Little Update

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are having a good day!

I am returning to my blog after almost a year of not posting on it. A lot has happened in a year but rather than go thru all the major events that have occurred in my life I would rather just start with what is going on now and kind of leave the past in the past. Not that the past was bad. I had some amazing times in 2013 but 2014 is definitely going to be better and I plan on writing on my blog as often as I can so that I can share my thoughts with whomever stumbles upon them and I also believe that it is productive to write your thoughts and feeling out opposed to letting them fly around in your head all day until they drive you insane.

Firstly, I am no longer attending school. I was very sad at first because I would have to leave my friends and sorority sisters behind at school when I only had a semester and some summer classes to take and I would be done. Although I was very sad and miss my friends dearly, I also felt a little relieved. I am a high stress, high anxiety person although by looking at me and talking to me you would never know because I am so “chill” but I do stress out and I also feel as though I always need to be doing something or I am being lazy and not making a big enough contribution to the world.

While at school I had gotten involved in so many things and was always on the move going to a club meeting, my sorority meetings or working at my job along with school and I was dead. Just completely zombied out (that is not a commonly used term I just made it up lol). On top of all that I was going out a lot and drinking often because I love going out with my friends and mingling but it was taking a toll on my body. The next day I would have hangovers like no other and not want to do anything. I of course had a choice to not participate in drinking and going out that much but I was always thinking about my feelings at that very moment opposed to how I would feel the next day.

Even with some bad hangovers I still had a great time and I am so grateful for the experiences that I had while in school. I truly feel more mature and level headed because of attending a university and I don’t know if that would have been the case if I had not gone to school.

Now that I am no longer at school I am back at home with my family which is both amazing and not so amazing (like most things). I don’t enjoy rules because I have always been a stubborn person but while at school I wasn’t as close with my sisters as I could have been and now that I am back home we have become so close in a matter of weeks and I am so happy! Also, since I am back at home I am more capable of pursuing my dream of being a television personality/host/anything really. Living in Los Angeles means that I am closer to the entertainment industry and really have an opportunity to pursue my dream. However a lot of people have the same dream as me and everyone is very competitive but I have a feeling that it will all work out. In the mean time I have decided to start my own YouTube channel which is something that I have wanted to do for a while but never actively pursued. Well, now I can’t wait to start posting video and talking to any of my viewers online. I think it will be really awesome experience!

I will be blogging a lot more and this time I promise because I do have a lot of thoughts and opinions but often I keep them in my head because I am so quiet but letting them out is very uplifting and my hope is that I can help someone who is battling a similar issue as myself, or I inspire someone to pursue their goals, or I am just a little blog you read sometimes when you are bored. I am down with whatever.

That is all for now. I hope you all have a lovely week!

With Love,




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