Night Out with the New DO!

This past weekend I went  out with all my roommates and sorority sisters! It was a date party at a fraternity in celebration of them completing Rush week and getting future members  This also happened to be the night that I showcased my new do to the world…

I was definitely a little nervous because I didn’t know what everyone’s reaction would be from such a  drastic transformation. I had gone from having long extensions the day before to being pretty much bald! I loved/LOVE my new do and everyone that I had seen that day seemed to share the same sentiment which was comforting yet I was still a bit timid.

Luckily my boyfriend said that since I shaved my head I need to OWN IT! So I did just that! Once we started getting ready for the party I forgot all about how nervous I was about seeing everyone and realized that I liked it and everyone I love liked it so what else matters?ANDDDD LUCKILY PEOPLE FUCKING LOVE MY HAIR! I have never gotten so many compliments in my life! Don’t worry its not going to my head or anything but it’s great to know that your friends and people that I don’t even know are like, “girl, you are rockin’ that do!” Feels great! Here are some pictures from the night!

worn my sisters  floor length dress that was made of silk material and shortened in the front with a long black train in the back. The top pf the dress was made of gold sequins with black silk material underneath. Real fierce!

Sorry, I look so scary in the picture above! I think I am still learning how to pose with my lack of locks. Hopefully I get the hang of it before I scare anyone away!

I hope you all enjoyed my post!

Until next time! ❤

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