New Gold Rings!!!

I am openly addicted to Etsy. It is without a doubt the most visited website on my computer….that is because I really value and idealize people are have real talent and are capable of creating jewelry, and hats, and furniture, and clothing with there own hands. I truly just believe it’s a beautiful thing but any who…I ordered those gold bands called the Wonder Woman Rings by Amy O and I am obsessed with them. They are one size fits all adjustable rings with a shiny gold coating. I love them! Below is are pictures and a link to her site! 20130225-214406.jpg20130225-214431.jpg20130225-214504.jpg20130225-214518.jpg


5 thoughts on “New Gold Rings!!!”

    1. Thank you so much! They only cost around 12 dollars each with shipping and it was definitely worth it because I wear them all the time and people really seem to like them!

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