Night Out with the New DO!

This past weekend I went  out with all my roommates and sorority sisters! It was a date party at a fraternity in celebration of them completing Rush week and getting future members  This also happened to be the night that I showcased my new do to the world…

I was definitely a little nervous because I didn’t know what everyone’s reaction would be from such a  drastic transformation. I had gone from having long extensions the day before to being pretty much bald! I loved/LOVE my new do and everyone that I had seen that day seemed to share the same sentiment which was comforting yet I was still a bit timid.

Luckily my boyfriend said that since I shaved my head I need to OWN IT! So I did just that! Once we started getting ready for the party I forgot all about how nervous I was about seeing everyone and realized that I liked it and everyone I love liked it so what else matters?ANDDDD LUCKILY PEOPLE FUCKING LOVE MY HAIR! I have never gotten so many compliments in my life! Don’t worry its not going to my head or anything but it’s great to know that your friends and people that I don’t even know are like, “girl, you are rockin’ that do!” Feels great! Here are some pictures from the night!

worn my sisters  floor length dress that was made of silk material and shortened in the front with a long black train in the back. The top pf the dress was made of gold sequins with black silk material underneath. Real fierce!

Sorry, I look so scary in the picture above! I think I am still learning how to pose with my lack of locks. Hopefully I get the hang of it before I scare anyone away!

I hope you all enjoyed my post!

Until next time! ❤

New Gold Rings!!!

I am openly addicted to Etsy. It is without a doubt the most visited website on my computer….that is because I really value and idealize people are have real talent and are capable of creating jewelry, and hats, and furniture, and clothing with there own hands. I truly just believe it’s a beautiful thing but any who…I ordered those gold bands called the Wonder Woman Rings by Amy O and I am obsessed with them. They are one size fits all adjustable rings with a shiny gold coating. I love them! Below is are pictures and a link to her site! 20130225-214406.jpg20130225-214431.jpg20130225-214504.jpg20130225-214518.jpg


Roommates Reaction to My New Do…

Here is a candid photo of my roommates immediate reaction to my shaved head. I didn’t tell anyone that was going to shave my head so you can imagine there dismay after I unveiled to them my lack of hair. I think shunned or flabbergasted are probably the words I would use to describe their faces. Or just sheer terror and utter disdain.


No Hair Don’t Care

So today I decided to shave my head. I have been wanting to for a really long time and for some reason I just felt like today was the day. I have had extensions for a long time and I loved them but I am over having to pay for them and them damaging my hair every time I put them in. I LOVE MY SHAVED HEAD! I FEEL SO FREE!

No hair don’t care #nofilter

The Newest Object of my Obsession: Emily Sasson

Emily Sasson is a dance choreographer from Denver, Colorado and currently the newest object of my obsession. She teaches a range of different forms of dance but her most popular seems to be Hip Hop. I stumbled across her Youtube page yesterday and watching her videos is pretty much the only thing I have been doing for the last 24 hours. Her is one of my favorite videos of her at The Cherry Creek Dance Studio in Denver. She is mind blowinggg! Enjoy! She is on the right.

Mint Green Crocheted Bow!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take up crocheting again. I had learned in elementary school and would do it everyday but stopped because I got too busy. My roommate and I wanted to take up a new hobby so I introduced her and reintroduced myself to the yarn game and it has been second love ever since! I made a mint green bow by crocheting 3 separate pieces and combining them into one decorative hair piece!